Partner, Big Four Advisory Practice

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Partner, Big Four Advisory Practice / Partner, Big Four Advisory Practice

After signing contracts to implement SAP into one of our most prestigious banking customers, we knew we needed to have some of the best consultants in the industry on the project as it was a greenfield implementation. So I took up contact with DSR as I had worked with some of the team there on several SAP projects over the last 15 years. They were able to provide us with not just SAP consultants who had done upgrades or template roll-outs in ‘live’ customers, but had the SAP know-how and business skills to help our client through the challenges of scoping, building and successfully deploying a new SAP solution. What I like about working with DSR is more than their knowledge of the market place, but the fact that they send me only a select number of consultants with the right skills and in budget every time.